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Northern Dimension Business’s Response to Covid-19 Challenge: Economic Forecast, Safety Measures, Support and Aid Programs


Warmly welcome to the Northern Dimension Online Forum, which will be held on 20 November online in Zoom Video Conference format. The forum is primarily aimed at fostering cooperation between business, authorities and civil society involved in developing of the Northern Dimension area. This year Forum will focus on Business response to COVID Challenge: economic forecast, safety measures, support and aid programs.

NDBC is co-chaired by Rolf Jansson (President and CEO, VR Group) and Alexey Mordashov (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Severstal).

Among the invited keynote speakers there will be:

•             Alexander Grushko, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation;

•             Markus Ederer, EU Ambassador to the Russian Federation;

•             Antti Helanterä, Ambassador of Finland to Russia;

•             Jyri Häkämies, Director General, Confederation of Finnish Industries;

•             Sergey Pavlov, First Deputy CEO, OAO RZD (Russian Railways)




Juhlarahaston apurahahaku on auki 5.10.–6.11.2021!

Juhlarahaston apurahahaku venäjän kielen ja kulttuurin opiskeluun, opettamiseen tai tutkimiseen on auki 5.10.–6.11.2021. Jaettavana on yhteensä 250 000 euroa. Apurahaa voivat hakea kaikki suomalaiset tai Suomessa asuvat tai toimivat yksityishenkilöt, työryhmät ja yhteisöt (esimerkiksi koululaiset, opiskelijat, opettajat, tutkijat, oppilaitokset, tutkimuslaitokset ja järjestöt).


Online Training: Digital revolution in HR – Russian experience

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