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Online Training : GDPR vs. Russian Law: How Not to Get Lost


Please kindly note that the working language of the event is English.

Finnish companies doing business in Russia must comply with the GDPR on the one hand, and with the local Personal Data Law on the other. No matter how ambitious the project is, a collision between laws may collapse it like a shot.

Russian law provides for specific requirements on legitimate interest, data subject’s consent, cross-border transfer, localization of data storage, data security, and other matters. This year, Russia revises its legislation on public data that will substantially affect CRM procedures, especially in the e-commerce.

In this event, speakers will compare key aspects of the GDPR with the Russian Personal Data Law and share practical tips and tricks. The attendees will get to know how to effectively tackle compliance challenges relevant to any industry.

Date and time: 4.3. 10.00-12.00 (Hki)




Juhlarahaston apurahahaku on auki 5.10.–6.11.2021!

Juhlarahaston apurahahaku venäjän kielen ja kulttuurin opiskeluun, opettamiseen tai tutkimiseen on auki 5.10.–6.11.2021. Jaettavana on yhteensä 250 000 euroa. Apurahaa voivat hakea kaikki suomalaiset tai Suomessa asuvat tai toimivat yksityishenkilöt, työryhmät ja yhteisöt (esimerkiksi koululaiset, opiskelijat, opettajat, tutkijat, oppilaitokset, tutkimuslaitokset ja järjestöt).


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