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Helsinki-Centre event: How Russian entrepreneurs can take advantage of the Helsinki business environment for starting EU business


1Office with Helsinki Business Hub are inviting you to participate in the webinar to learn more about the opportunities for starting or expanding your business in the EU market via Finland and how Greater Helsinki’s innovative ecosystem supports and provides growth opportunities for foreign companies.

That is a perfect chance to take your first steps on the Finnish market and find out answers to the most frequently asked questions about starting a business in Finland. The webinar is targeted for Russian founders and will be held in Russian language.

In the webinar you will hear about:

Date and time: May, 19, 14:00 PM




Juhlarahaston apurahahaku on auki 5.10.–6.11.2021!

Juhlarahaston apurahahaku venäjän kielen ja kulttuurin opiskeluun, opettamiseen tai tutkimiseen on auki 5.10.–6.11.2021. Jaettavana on yhteensä 250 000 euroa. Apurahaa voivat hakea kaikki suomalaiset tai Suomessa asuvat tai toimivat yksityishenkilöt, työryhmät ja yhteisöt (esimerkiksi koululaiset, opiskelijat, opettajat, tutkijat, oppilaitokset, tutkimuslaitokset ja järjestöt).


Online Training: Digital revolution in HR – Russian experience

Training is free of charge for Finnish Russian Chamber of Commerce membership companies. Technology is rapidly changing the way HR departments communicate with employees, manage documents, and analyze employee performance. Technology makes it easier to gather and break down data on employees to get an overall picture, as well as speeds up business development but […]