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(ENG) Lumon PRO Webinar: Balcony Design Concept


Lumon strongly believe that there is specific part of apartments that deserves more attention, the zone between interior and exterior, the balconies, wintergardens, or whatever we call them. There is a lot of hidden potential for better homes, better life, better world. Let’s focus on that in our first international Lumon PRO Webinar on Thursday 27th of May at 16 CET (10 EDT).

The speaker of the event will be architect Pete Lattunen. Pete has worked for Lumon close to 20 years, most of the time in international project business. That experience has given him a great opportunity to view and compare different living, design and building cultures throughout Europe, and even beyond. Sharing that experience with Lumon development teams has been an important part of his job.

This event is targeted for architects and designers across all countries.

Date and time: 27.5.,17.00




Juhlarahaston apurahahaku on auki 5.10.–6.11.2021!

Juhlarahaston apurahahaku venäjän kielen ja kulttuurin opiskeluun, opettamiseen tai tutkimiseen on auki 5.10.–6.11.2021. Jaettavana on yhteensä 250 000 euroa. Apurahaa voivat hakea kaikki suomalaiset tai Suomessa asuvat tai toimivat yksityishenkilöt, työryhmät ja yhteisöt (esimerkiksi koululaiset, opiskelijat, opettajat, tutkijat, oppilaitokset, tutkimuslaitokset ja järjestöt).


Online Training: Digital revolution in HR – Russian experience

Training is free of charge for Finnish Russian Chamber of Commerce membership companies. Technology is rapidly changing the way HR departments communicate with employees, manage documents, and analyze employee performance. Technology makes it easier to gather and break down data on employees to get an overall picture, as well as speeds up business development but […]